About Asna

Why Asna e.V.?
Afghan culture is strongly influenced by religious teachings and patriarchy. People, especially women, are brought up under the influence of the teachings of Islam. These religious teachings have led to the oppression of women. They are deprived of their basic rights and raised from an early age to see themselves as secondary and to underestimate their role in society. As young women they remain under the influence of father and brothers, and in marriage they must seek permission from male family members even for everyday activities. Because many Afghans also practice the strict religious upbringing abroad, Western countries view their entry critically.
Men's tutelage prevents Afghan women from integrating into the new culture and society. ASNA e.V. was created to change this.
Our concern
The main concern of ASNA e.V. is to impart knowledge about fundamental rights so that the relationships within families can improve. Instead of café and cake events, ASNA e.V. offers Afghan women courses that are tailored to their everyday needs and teach them specific vocabulary.
We want Afghan women to be able to express their own concerns to the authorities or to the doctor without being accompanied by an interpreter and to be able to move freely in German society.
In addition to its work in Germany, ASNA e.V. is also active in Afghanistan and has opened two libraries for girls and women there. Learn more about the Habiba libraries here >

Asna e.V. helps Afghan women to emancipate themselves through education.

With events, educational projects and training courses, German and socio-cultural courses as well as social counseling services, the association helps to prevent the emergence of parallel societies in Germany.